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What's new in Caterva v0.3

New month, new version!

I am very proud of how this version looks, but personally I was much more stressful than the previous one. Because I got stuck with some tasks assigned for this version, and I had to move them to the next one.

Either way, this version comes with a great improvement. Take a look!

New features

  • Procedural generation of levels.

Absolute, the whole level is done from scratch on each play. How the shape of the level changes every time as well as the location of enemies and allies, it creates very interesting situations.

  • More effects of particles and sounds.

Now, the feeling of the game is more powerful than before. Some effects need improvements, such as blood or the sound of some events, but the main feeling seems more than what I was looking for.

  • Bug solving.

I had time to solve the bugs that most break the game experience. For example, stop enemies during non-playable events, restart the game at low speed after death or the camera shake when shooting against a wall.

Next functions

  • Interactive elements

To create a more realistic world, I want to add buttons, lavers, traps and some things like this that you can activate. This is a main feature to then add scattered weapons in the level.

  • Weapons

Create weapons with different characteristics and abilities and choose which one you want to use. Without a doubt, this is a mandatory feature in this type of game.

The main problem that I encountered in procedural  generation, is that it needs a huge amount of administration and testing to solve all the little problems it has in order not to break anything and make the game unplayable. For example, that you could not reach the exit, or that you can exit the level in a hole between collisions, or overlap some elements, or not see the exit because it is a little hidden and needs a better location ... there are countless problems that can appear from nowhere.

Apart from that, I discovered that sounds are much more manageable if you link them in animations through events than through scripts.

I am really thinking of using this in future projects not only for sounds, but also for particle effects and some logic associated with actions, such as attacks, blockages and evasions or something like that.

It's ready to play on Take a look!

That's it.

Thanks for taking your time to read it. This development blog helps me think about the project and plan small goals that might interest you and that I can easily achieve during development. I also like to share it with you because I feel more committed to continue building it, just as I hope you get involved to see and test how it is evolving.

And mainly because, otherwise, this game would live in the dark until its release. And it's something I don't want.

Thanks again and see you soon!

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