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Very early prototype

Hello everyone.

After all let me explain. I started a new project a month ago, and I want to solve a small problem that I had with the previous ones.

The problem was not to show the game before having it completely done, and I couldn't know if it was fun or what kind of problems I might have until its launch.

So, I'll like to share this game in development to know if you like it and trying to make it better. So, you are free to leave any comment about de game and what you think could be cool or what do you think is wrong.

I know there is still a lot to do, enemy models and all sounds and music are missing, as well as many animations. For now it is just a playable version with one goal: try to escape.

I will upload a new version with all the improvements every month, hopefully.

Thanks to take a minute to read me!

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