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Version 0.2 is now finished and ready to play

As I said, I want to prepare a playable version every month and explain what's new in this. So you can see how it evolves.

Until this second month i was focus mainly on graphics. The 3 models left and their animations, and the some improvements on lighting and postprocess.

By now i think i have a 99% playable version with no crashable bugs. (There are a bug during the cinematic and no sounds...)

I found some problems during development. How to combine animat

ions and scripts in the Minigun turret. Now the machine gun is divided into two parts to handle the orientation without changing the orientation of the bones in the code.

I also find some problems with Unity and the new Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) system. It is no longer possible to use Ambient Occlusion and it’s hard to configure a good aesthetic, but on the other hand it allows you to use the Shader Graph that offers a lot of freedom with the materials, so I have to try which is a better option.

And I finally took the LWRP.

Finally I tested the behavior system I built. This systems take generic actions, like follow, looking, atac, shot, etc. And combine them following some rules for each enemy. In this way it's easier to make different enemies, but it's harder to keep the code clean.

For next month, and at the end of the second milestone of the project, I want to add all sounds and program some kind of Procedural Generation. I want it to be different every time you play, the entrance, the exit and some events during the level.

I hope you like the game, I will continue to share the development of the project till its end.

Leave your comments, your ideas of how the game could be or your tricks to overcome the problems I found.

Thank you everyone!

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