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Xido Studio Privacy Policy

With the desire to be as clear as possible, as Xido Studio i want to show all the collected data that games take from your device.

My sole purpose is to improve the gaming experience and offer all services I designed, like unlock Achievements, compete with Leaderboards, Share photos and gifs, and buy products within the application. Xido Studio doesn't use or share your information except as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

If you continue playing this game you will assume that you are giving us your consent to collecting your information as set out in the privacy policy.


In terms of improving the Unity game engine and allowing us to develop better games, Unity collect technical information from your device, such as the device manufacturer, the number of CPUs, its model, frequency and instruction set support flags. The name of the graphic card and its version drivers and graphics API in use, as well as amount of RAM memory.

Unity also collects the type of platform and the operating system and the versions running in your device, selected language, screen resolution and Unity Editor version used to create the game. Finally, it collects the IP address, the country where the game is installed, and the bundle identifier aplicacions and the unique advertising identifier provided for iOS and Android.

These mentioned data are collected by Unity and Xido Studio doesn’t have access to these.


On the other side, Unity also collects and share only with Xido Studio, the user identifier needed to use Google Play Services and Game Center, the unique device identifier and application identifier , used to handle notifications, advertising and purchases within the application.

Unity also collects and shares only with Xido Studio, the game activity and some game events that allows you to unlock Achievements and compete using Leaderboards and know the behaviour within the game, as well as collect the purchasing data to provide the appropriate reward.


Unity uses this data primarily to improve and provide services ,as explained in its privacy policy, you can get more information here:

If you have any questions about how Xido Studio handles information collected from your games, you can contact us by email, here:

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