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Caterva Press Kit


Quick facts

  • Control an increasing crowd of characters.

  • Procedural infinite dungeons

  • Rouge-like style of game

  • Different collectable weapons


Caterva is a top-down roughelike shooter where you control a multitude of clone slaves.

And you have to lead the way to the exit.

The more slaves you save, the more powerful and vulnerable you will become.

All the clones fire their weapons at one, so when you get a lot of slaves you become incredibly deadly. But as your crowd grows, it moves slower and is difficult to control, making it easy for an enemy to kill you.






About Xido studio

Xido studio is an Indie game development studio, of one solo developer.
Xido studio is mainly focused on mobile devices with a high quality 3d games.
Its developer, Javier del Egido has about 10 years of experience on video games and 3D environment field.

You can find more information in the links below.

Xido studio web site

About Javier del Egido


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